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2008-12-16 21:14:25 by Nogums

Well i just made a profile here on NG =) because i wanted to support my BF waterflame =)

And i just downloaded flash so i might try to make some stuff in the future, But i suck at drawing with my mouse pad, and yeah..

I draw alot on paper when im bored so yeah



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2008-12-16 22:10:20


original artwork

interesting perspective

very unique

do you have a Deviant Art page?

with work like that I would definitely set one up

Nogums responds:

Woow thank you so much for such a nice comment =)

yeah i have a deviantart page, dont really have good stuff there but here is the link if you want it xD


2008-12-17 11:00:44

Are they siamese twins? lol
Very good sketching, I couldn't make one a quarter as good!

Nogums responds:

Siamese twins or melted dolls, whatever really ;)

And thank you =)


2008-12-20 11:25:42

well your lucky that you have a famous person in newgrounds as a boy friend and...
what kind of flash are you using

Nogums responds:

yes im really lucky to have him =) <3
Flash MX or something, dont really know, dont use it because i only have a mouse pad, and its really hard to draw with it


2008-12-22 00:20:28

"Waterflame and paragonx9 have the title of the newgrounds best music creators"someone said , i agree with him , they are the best music makers . one day you might be a famous music creator with the help of waterflame.

Nogums responds:

I cant make music at all, I like to call myself tonedeaf, beacuse i really cant make anything that sounds good.
but "waterflame" is going to teach me to use flash so i can make things there xD


2008-12-23 02:52:38

rfol , i cant even load stuff because of the new internet conection >:(

Nogums responds:

Lol my compu(tard) just broke again, the screen does not work anymore, so i cant learn flash right now xD