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New shait

2008-12-28 19:11:20 by Nogums

Yay Its my B-day And i feel great... 19 Finally
I made some random new shait, and i need YOU *points* ppl to comment and look at my things on DA, so i can feel important ;)

And yaay its my B-day Soon so PLZPLZ comment ^-^ (31.12)

And x-mas was perfect, Waterflame gave me *drumroll* "A Red Nintendo DS" with to games =)
AND alot more...ALOT
he got A Bamboo wacom from me, so im going to force him to make some drawings and maby some flash movies..
and more music i guess.. he needs to make more =)

Hope you all had a nice X-mas and have a happy new year

PM me of you want to talk, for talking is fun xC

New shait


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2008-12-28 21:20:50

yay... video games!

excellent picture

a perfect mix of femininity and disturbing artistic bending of expectations

you should experiment with some water colors and post that

(You like water colors? I like water colors I call this one "Baileys")

If I were you I would get with some art majors in a major university and publish your work


2009-01-05 07:03:24

I got a black Nintendo DS! :P

Nogums responds:

Haha, i like the red one more.. <3


2009-01-08 07:39:09

i have black!
and i disagree with you nogums how could you >:(

Nogums responds:

red is the best one. black is so plain. and i really like the color red xD


2009-01-09 12:07:17


Plus it's more easily shiny



Nogums responds:

i guess you can see your finger marks better on the black one xD

but remember i am a girl.. i need girly things ;)


2009-01-14 11:04:29

Don't they do pink DS's?

Nogums responds:

Yeah but they are not so nice.. dont like the shade of pink..


2009-01-17 23:34:14

well you have a good point
girls need girly stuff
working on anything new?

Nogums responds:

Nah not really, i dont have more paper at home and i dont even have enuff money for my rent so i cant buy more. so no more drawings for me..

Send me paper xD