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Moh moh moh

2009-01-25 12:41:36 by Nogums

Im feeling sick.. after one awsome night at a consert
Me and waterflame saw SMK (slagsmåls klubben) some awsome swedish band, but well i got so sick and started to puke alot... so we had to go home.. (no i was not drunk) but i made a little something i wanted to show. (i dont like it, but waterflame wanted me to post it)

Moh moh moh


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2009-01-25 12:45:50

wow...sorry you had to go home cause you was sick...other than that i love your drawing...
its really cool

Nogums responds:

Thank you so much. dont like it much i know i can do better xD but its been a long time since i made something..


2009-01-25 12:48:39

I hate being sick.

Nogums responds:

yeah beeing ill is really sucky


2009-01-28 10:36:29

The pictures better than I could do...

Nogums responds:

But still not that good... i promise to do better next time =)