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2009-02-13 10:09:36 by Nogums

Imbored and i miss my loved one, but i find some comfort in drawing again.. and i got myself a "new" comp so i think i will try to learn flash for real this time.. but here to show you a little thing i made...

Hahah dont know if you understand who those people is...and i know i suck at drawing boys, and side view xD

And oooh, i got myself some hott sexy shoes.. xD picture might come when i get the shoes xD



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2009-02-16 08:33:18

Awww... how sweet!



2009-02-16 08:33:48

(argh! the comment got www'ed)

Nogums responds:

Lol its okey ;)

now i just need to get better to draw.. i think i want to go to school again.. =) this fall... if idont get a fulltime job .


2009-05-11 12:42:55

Nice drawing.

"Hahah dont know if you understand who those people is...", sure, its you and your loved one ;)

Dont be down though, if its meant to be you he will be back and you can continue where you left off stronger than before, had to deal with that all too many times myself ;)

Best of wishes with learning how to do flashes, if you promise me youll do your best ill shape up trying to use the programs needed for music making.

Nogums responds:

LOl he found another girl less than 2 weeks after me.. so i feel like i wasted a year of my life on that turd. hahah xD

but thank you ill do my best with my drawings and flash making, but it seems like everything i make trurns out looking like crap xD hahah


2009-05-11 12:47:35

See now that i visited you deviantart page and added 2 and 2... that comment was probably out of place. Anyways, keep up the flash making.

Nogums responds:

hahah dont worry.. i should update this thing soon =)