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Entry #5

Art portal FUCK yeah... t

2009-06-27 06:05:19 by Nogums

This is just the thing for me.. now i really need to buy a scanner =D

fuck fucking awesome yeah <3

Art portal FUCK yeah... t


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2009-06-27 06:10:20

a 19 year old that swears like a farmgirl me like.
i am a farm girl.
wanna be friends?

Nogums responds:

Hahah sure we can be friends =D


2009-06-27 06:19:42

richard you goof.


2009-06-27 06:23:53

send me a pm whenever. i love talking woman to woman the only thing is there are not enough that will talk.
if you want.
i tend to be mellow on here but once i get to know you i can swear up a storm like a farmer. a sailor has nothing on a farmer.


2009-06-27 08:49:27

nice pictures oon your posts.


2009-08-01 07:27:53

lol :D